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Early in the pandemic, i walked an alpaca.

This was suggested by a friend.
On a sunday during lockdown i walked an Easter bunny
Total walked - pandemic
Apr 20 2020 through Apr 13 2021

After a few random walks and a few GPS drawing walks i noticed that i had covered a lot of the area so started trying to walk unwalked areas. Most of these streets i had walked or biked in the decades of living here but i enjoyed discovering new places.
as of March 31, 2023

Initially i set a goal of central Capitol Hill but when i quickly filled that in, i extended my goal to all 7 neighborhoods of the Hill. Eventually i set the borders on 4km and 6km circles centered on home. Once i filled that in i have been extending the fully walked section, sometimes using transit to get to the start of the walk. Within the black line i've walked every block, stair and path.
as of March 31, 2023

Once things opened up a little, i used transit to access other parts of town. I saw some amazing places, right in my own city -- it felt like travelling!
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a koala!
(by request)

Homer Simpson eating a donut
a baby seal
A seahorse
a computer punchcard
a ghost coming out of a water pipe
an outboard motor or a truck transmission ?
this seems like it's something

All walks from March through December in order.

Each walk from March through December in order.