Mark & Emily's new Kayak Trailer!

I have been dreaming about having a kayak trailer for my bike for about 7 years, at least since the day in the late 90s when i saw a Farington Charriot at a kayak shop in Sitka Alaska. I waffled for a while, and when i wanted to buy the Charriot a few years ago, the company was gone.

Then for quite some time i tried to build one, or to get someone to build one for me, with no luck. I spent a lot of time researching and planning it. Recently my great carfree friends Emily & Chris got interestesd and decided to go halfsies with me on a great trailer. So i was absolutely thrilled to get this going!

After a long discussion we settled on a neat trailer from a great guy named Tony Hoar in Victoria BC, a bike & trailer builder who finished LAST in the Tour de France FIFTY years ago (and still races!).

On January 24th, 2005, a summerlike day in the upper 60s, we assembled and test rode our new kayak trailer from Tony's Trailers. It was very exciting! Here's the chronology:

Assembling it out of the box.

It's very long

Compare the length with my BOB trailer
It also converts to a grocery getter model!

My first test/learning ride

Turning Circle

Emily rides by on her folder

Advertising for Tony already!

Emily's boat on board, i'm ready to Go on the...

First Ride!!!

This is FUN!

passing the garage where the kayaks live.

Weight test

Stella paddles Ashworth Ave

mirror check

Then we put my boat on top!

full trailer

Off to the lake
And then i headed off to ride 9 miles on the trail by Lake Union, getting quite a few stares!
Emily has photos posted too!