The Spirit of Muckle Flugga

a magnificant machine from Poulsbo Washington.
(Muckle Flugga is also an island in the Shetland Islands and a celtic folk dance band from Maine!)

The Spirit of Muckle Flugga is 1800 lbs, but i was able to pedal it BY MY SELF when Steve & Charlie let me ride it. Charlie said they had gotten up over 35mph on it! It is made entirely of wood. Each pedaler drives a single wheel, so if the team is working together well, the stearing wheel is not needed.

This is an unofficial, 'fan' website. I am hoping that Steve & Charlie, the wonderful creators of this fun machine will ordain this site as OFFICIAL and help me complete it.

I also hope they let me ride The Spirit of Muckle Flugga in Seattle's St. Patrick's Day Parade, as suggested at 1999 Bike Expo! ... PLEASE!!

UPDATE! August 2007
I finally got a chance to ride it! It came over for in a bicycle parade around Fremont for the 'Tour d'Fat' festival!

The wonderful machine has been retired from Kenetics events, partially because it was unbeatable. It lives in a garage in Poulsbo. They said it was fun riding it onto the ferry! I was thrilled that they brought out for our bicycle celebration.