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Dead Car Artwork
I host a site built by
my brother,
for my father.

Canizaro Art
© 1962-2013
For 30 years i wore a meaningful T-shirt daily. In 2002 i switched to plain shirts, but i wanted to do something interesting with my large collection that meant so much to me.

quilt plans

T-shirt quilts side by side

With help from my friend Lori, i made a quilt! Actually two. I use them daily. One image is the plans, the other is the finished quilts.
Flying Sails is a wonderful piece of art. It helped me
to a greater understanding of perfectionism.
I was trying to learn more about tide cycles, but mostly what i came up with is beautiful
Tide Graph Art.

Astronomy & Space Exploration

My Eclipses

(updated 2017)
Total Solar Eclipse!

Slideshow of my magnificent week in the eastern Oregon desert.
I finally walked the
Solar System one million miles per step!
(Aug 2020)

I accidently made a stunning graph of the date and time of Solstice.

(Dec 2020)

I've been tracking the sunset behind Olympic Peaks.
(Sep 2020)

Sunset times
(Jun 1996, updated 2008)

And Seattle Henge
(Mar 2012)
The Earth wobbles. We're tilted 23.5° and that tilt is the reason we have seasons. And it's the reason the pole star changes, because the axis precesses like a top, slowly rotating over 24,000 years. And that turning creates the The Great Year which is real, but some people foolishly use it to predict your fortune. Missions to
Periods with NO HUMANS in Space

Portion of year with humans in space.

Coins & Currancy
Euro vs Dollar:
oil priced in gold

scale is barrels of oil per ounce of gold, to remove currency fluctuations
(updated Oct 2019)
41% of national currencies are actually named for the country itself,
  5% are named after animals and
51% are called gold, silver or just coin.

I analyzed a list of over 1,000 currency names for the meanings of the words.
After the fun, collectable State quarters, the US Mint started a 10 year program of National Parks quarters, one for each state.
This graph
shows the number minted for each state and (in purple) the ones i have.
(updated Nov 2019)
Euro and Euro cent coins

have imagery from the nation of minting on the reverse. My collection is almost complete, please help me finish it!
Images or Cheat sheet.
(updated 2015)

Games & Sport
I built an NWSL statistical database.

I frequently post infographics.
Church of Baseball

Fluxx keeper values
I work at Pacific Science Center and we invented an addictive game in the break room; we call it
Speed Scrabble.

During the pandemic i've walked some interesting shapes and i've covered the seven neighborhoods of Capitol Hill with only a few blocks remaining.
This is a work in progress.
(updated Dec 12 2020)
Some misc. useful Geography statistics downloadable
data tables
The European nation of Georgia is in the news, so i compared the size to Washington State. Some brief observations on
area & density
of the western US.
Area of German Länder vs US States: superimposed
and closest match.
Washington State and Oregon superimposed
on New England
with correct latitudes
An Earthquake is Coming! (Aug 2011)
...and it starts early!

Slow Quakes
(updated Oct 2019)
A few Salish names of Washington places Comparisons of the size (area) of the
city of Seattle.
I did extensive research on microfilm at the library to learn about Lake Washington and the ill-fated
Black River.
Seattle's Steepest Streets Slip Up
The city removed the inaccurate page after the 3rd time i sent this.

HAM Radio
A few
Ham Radio
Including licensing.

(updated 2019)

I created a basic guide for using the
Yaseu VX5
handheld tri-band Ham Radio.
People are often confused by
radio power radiation.
I made this device chart to clarify.
(updated 2015)
I built & host a database to manage
HAM radio volunteering.
Radio alphabetic phonetics
by syllable

History & Politics
Meet the new Pope, same as the old pope.
Despite the biggest voter turnout in
120 years for a Presidential Election,
one third of voters still didn't vote!?!
(Nov 2020)
Fascinating graphic charts of
the political landscape.
What can we learn about current politics from a graph of
350 years of inflation?

A brief history of Sicily.

We're all related. The number of possible ancestors in each generation doubles each step back in time. Shockingly you only have to go back to the 1200s before your ancestors in that generation alone exceed the number of humans who've ever lived. Statistics That Shape Our Life Someone asked how many monkeys there are in the world.
I decided to find out.
In May i heard another news story on NPR that repeated the silly urban legend that world population is going to naturally level off and stabilize at 9 billion by itself.
Simple math suggests that is unlikely. The population would have to do this, which is hard to imagine, but the rate of growth would have to do this, which is impossible without a horrific catastrophe.
Mark was an unpopular name until after WWII when an actor named his son Mark.
It grew in popularity into the top 10.

I was named at the height of it's popularity.
Now it has dropped into obscurity again.
I have a 40 year database of every bedtime and every wake up time
monthly ave bedtime

and amount slept
(updated 2019)

Music & Radio (broadcast)
The plug i made for an overnight radio show i did
at WAMH, Amherst College Radio.

Testing 1-2-3
I wrote an extensive history of legendary rock radio station WZZQ.
Includes audio of the last set!!

(updated 2009)
17 Reasons to
some of my

favorite albums

(updated 2017)
Mitch Benn
loves the BBC.
So do i.
Radio show

(updated 2012)
Panelist Statistics for the radio show Wait Wait Don't Tell Me.
(updated 2010)

All Star Trek: The Next Generation
episodes, ranked.
Thoughts on the much anticipated Red Dwarf
Series Seven.
All Red Dwarf episodes, rated. Harry Potter
book statistics

I created some popular info pages about car-free travel in Seattle and western Washington.
(updated 2005)

The correct order of right of way on city streets
Time and distance recorded using
different modes
(updated Nov 2019)
Using the mileposts in the Capitol Hill LINK tunnel
i mapped landmarks on the surface.
My train database

annual totals

(updated Aug 2019)

I reached:
15 US states in 1965
25 states in 1973
35 states in 1978
45 states in 1992
48 states in 1998
and 49 in 2000
counties in
(updated 2019)

states in

nations in

(updated Oct 2019)

time in each state

states by time spent

(updated 2019)
days in state by year
number of border crossings annually

1984 nations

1990 nations

1994 nations

2000 nations

2007 nations

2008 nations
I spent 14 months traveling in Europe.

  1. full itinerary and some travelogues.
  2. This timeweighted, slug trail map.
  3. early travelogues formatted by Amber
  4. A pretty blog to extend the stories
  5. A year traveling cost only $1,000!
    (Aug 1999 - Sep 2000)

Europe trips by nation & day of year

1984 route

1990 route

1994 route

2000 route

2007 route

2008 route

want to go back

backpacking expedition
Aug 1992

121 miles, 28 days

Chickaloon Pass

days 3 to 6

In September 1995 Missishitti fell below 50% of my life:

50% of life

(updated 2011)
I greatly anticipated the date that my time spent in Washington exceeded that spent in Missishitti.
That happened March 10, 2010!

portion of life in states lived
Interestingly, a few months before The Tipping Point, i surpassed a fun TRIPLE point.

Triple Point

My Ethnic breakdown

family heritage map

a graphic family tree

120 mostly timeless essays
mostly about bicycling,
but also transit, Seattle Reign, Brexit & more.
I host a site for a riding buddy.

Kent Peterson's
Randonneuring Pages
(1998 - 2005)

And why they are
the ultimate
cycling food
Interesting and pretty daily mileage bar graphs:





Throughout 2011 i rode with a GPS, these maps show all the streets i rode: statewide, citywide, central Seattle,
my neighborhood.

ridden in 12 months

(updated Nov 2019)
annual miles bar graphs

by year

by bike
(updated 2019)

miles per decade

car bike deficit

(updated Aug 2019)
45 years later!
An Amazing Human Powered Vehicle
The Spirit of Muckle Flugga!
(updated 2005)
The project to buy a bicycle kayak trailer.

Got one!
Hauling things:
mattress, banana tree,
lumber, large mailing,
framed art, another bike!
(updated 2009)
Hauling more things:
pie, kayak,
folding bike,
big grocery run
(updated 2017)
I created a bicycle law reference for the Bicycle Alliance.

Washington State Bike Laws

City of Seattle Bike Laws
Washington State Pedestrian Laws
I was actually featured in
Bicycling Magazine.
When this bizarre merger was proposed i immediately sent them this missive.
Does LAB belong in Bikes Belong?
They cancelled the merger.
I'm sure lots of people responded,
but i like to think i made a difference.
Lifetime trend

train vs bicycle

(updated Nov 2019)

C O o W
(updated Oct 2019)

Why to backup I build
Data Structures
in FilemakerPro
I built & host a database to manage a private art collection. (2014-2020) login required.