There is much i have done that i would like to post, and even more that i would like to create.
Here's what's available so far.

                                  Aug 2017 Slideshow of our week in the eastern oregon desert for the Solar Eclipse, with music.
Sep 2009 Extensive history of the legendary rock radio station WZZQ 102.9 Jackson. Includes audio of the last set.
Jan 2009 My blog.       120 interesting mostly timeless posts ended in 2013
Aug 2008 A cool graphic i designed showing the progress of the daily standings in Major League Baseball. updated now and then, most recently July 7, 2009
Aug 2006 What can we learn about current politics from a graph of 350 years of inflation?
Jul 2006 Attrezzi is dishonest A shop in New Hampshire decided not to pay me for teaching a tasting class.
Jun 2006 A clear message about world development in a BEAUTIFUL presentation.
Apr 2006 The infamous list of all the cars i've driven.
Apr 2006 An updated version of the list of all my bicycles.
Feb 2006 I created an animated, timeweighted, slug trail gif of my 13 month European trip 5 years ago. It's not over until the red disappears! It's large and may load slowly.
Apr 2005 Meet the new Pope, same as the old pope.
Mar 2005 Full player statistics for the radio show Wait Wait Don't Tell Me.
Jan 2005 Finally! A Kayak Trailer for my Bicycle!
Nov 2004 The actual results of the presidential election.
Nov 2004 Links and thoughts about Election 2004. updated Mar 2005
Oct 2004 Graph of my average monthly bedtime for the last 26 years. occationally updated, most recently June 2009
Sep 2004 Fascinating graphic charts of the political landscape.
Sep 2004 The project to buy a kayak trailer.
Aug 2004 A Basic Guide i created for using the Yaseu VX5 tri-band Ham Radio.
Apr 2004 Photos from the automobile accident i survived.
Oct 2003 29 Reasons Bush won't be allowed to lose. graded Jan 2005
Jul 2003 Photos from the fire which partially destroyed my apartment. temporarily removed
Oct 2002 I was actually featured in Bicycling Magazine .
Mar 2001 Some brief observations on area & density with political ramifications.
Feb 2001 The best things to do in Seattle & some walking tours. updated Jan 2004
Jan 2001 The NPR Petition Hoax just won't go away. updated Jan 2005
Dec 2000 Graph of the Euro vs. the Dollar since the beginning (including my Europe Trip). updated Feb 2005
Dec 2000 The actual results of the presidential election.
Nov 2000 Eye opening statistics about the Electoral College from the last 40 years.
May 2000 In 1999 & 2000 i spent 14 months traveling in Europe, here are some travelogues.
Nov 1999 My Chocolate Website updated 2002
Aug 1999 Nicely formatted travelogues from the first part of my 1999-2000 Europe trip. (built by Amber)
May 1999 Rules of Speed Scrabble.
Feb 1999 An Amazing Human Powered Vehicle - The Spirit of Muckle Flugga !
Dec 1998 Thoughts on the much anticipated Red Dwarf Series Seven.
Jun 1998 Pete's Winter Bike Commuting!
Nov 1998 My main, daily links page -- news, reference, etc. regularly updated, most recently June 2009
May 1998 Journal from coast to coast and back train trip.
Mar 1998 Comparisons of the size (area) of the city of Seattle.
Mar 1997 Information about Spam email... (needs updating!)
Jun 1996 Seattle Sunset times.
Apr 1996 My fantasy watch.
Jun 1995 A brief history of Sicily. updated 1996
Feb 1995 Some misc. useful Geography statistics data tables.
Aug 1994 Every Transit system in Washington State. partially updated 1999
Jun 1994 All Red Dwarf Episodes, rated.
Jun 1994 Travel in Washington on linked bus routes. updated Mar 2005
Mar 1994 Over 400 reasons Cars Stink updated 1999
Feb 1994 All Star Trek: The Next Generation episodes, ranked. updated 1996
Feb 1988 17 Reasons to Hate CDs.