A few thoughts in the first few days after...


  • 100 million people, almost half the voting age population still didn't vote. We've got to get a candidate running that makes people think it matters. And i hope that's not just a movie star.
  • The Dems will reorganize, but if they move even further to the right, they are dead, probably forever, they MUST go back to the left to the Dean-Nader direction and try to INSPIRE people.
  • The Junta WILL NOT let go of power in 2008 under any circumstances. Jeb, Arnold, or even more W. It will take a cataclysm to get rid of them.
  • Don't forget that before the cataclysm of 911, the country was fast trending the other way, 911 shut down and reversed the direction that the Seattle WTO protests were taking the country. Another cataclysm (hopefully more like the peaceful protests and not like 911) could change the direction again. In fact, that is the only thing that could change it.
  • It's going to be a hard time to be president for anyone, even Bush. There was a small chance that Kerry could've pulled out a Kennedy like administration, but it was more likely that he'd be clobbered by events, Iraq and the repugs. There is also a small chance that Bush might fuck up so bad that he has to be removed. slim- but real.
  • The court: it's really scary -- could be as many as FOUR appointments, and you know Bush is going to make them as far right, as incompetent and as YOUNG as possible. ug. However there is a bright spot even here. The most likely to go are O'Conner & Renquist... two conservatives. It would be great to have them replaced with someone decent, but no net loss. Stevens is the oldest, and most reasonable, but in good health and although he probably doesn't want to, he can last 4 years. Ginsburg is rumored to want to leave, but he can also wait. 10 years is the longest ever without an appointment, so one is sure to happen soon. Unfortunately i seriously doubt that the Democrats have the guts or integrity to fight for someone good. Ashcroft as Chief Justice is scary, but he's not really any scarier than Renquist and he is old.
  • The non-auditable electronic voting machines are terrifying, even if they DIDN'T eat this election. They MUST be stopped.
  • The divisions of passion, understanding and policy among the third of the population who DID vote is astounding (and you can probably call that a 3 way split with the none of the aboves). This is all driven by people with something to gain! Americans are not truly that far apart.
  • Both parties are uncomfortable parings of factions that don't like each other much. It would be better for all of us is BOTH split into a total of 4 or more parties. That's not likely to happen, but each could experience some tough times within the party.
  • Der Fuerher said "Support Me" to the democrats. He must be doing drugs.
  • I thought Kerry could be good -- not certain of course, but i saw it. Not many people could've convinced me to go back to the Dems and support those fuckers. But by conceding so quickly (and running such a terrible campaign) i feel totally ripped off. Can't see how i will ever support the Dems again. Fool me once, shame on you... -- i will certainly NEVER be a sucker for them again.