t r u t h o u t - Proof of Ohio Election Fraud Exposed
WorkingForChange-Is Al Qaeda just a Bush boogeyman?
hmmmm.... we all feel so powerless right now after the stunning and incomprehensible events of Nov 2nd. Many people have been trying to deal by using the internet, posting things and sending links. These are most of the links i have received.... some are scholarly, some are sophomoric, some are movies, some are text, some are images, some are vulgar, some are thoughtful.

Where do we go from here, Citizen?

Sorry Everybody (i'm on page 92)
The Wake
Understanding the 2004 Election
Marry An American
Immigration Canada
A Lawyer explains Dec 12, 2000
Too Stupid For Democracy
Fuck The South (actually quite intellegent!)
The Freeway Blogger!
Statistical analysis from UC Berkeley important
Networks forbidden to report!
Exit Polls
Help America Count
Greg Pallast: Kerry Won
The Ultimate Felony Against Democracy
Once a revolutionary power assumes control,             they do not relinquish it.
Stolen Election 2004
Exit Polls comments
Exit Poll Analysis
Jesusland an instant classic
another take on it
The more things change...
Great Election Maps and Cardiograms!!

Lance is so Humble.
Just Win, Baby
at mrkland...
My front page: What else can be said? Nov 2nd-12th
My front page Nov 12th - Dec 15th, 2004
detailed 2004 preliminary results
detailed 2000 results
previous elections
mrk.'s first thoughts
how did i do?
some other good pieces that i was sent
how different are they really?
Michael Moore -- 17 Reasons Not to Slit Your Wrists
Good Barney Frank quote
Jim Hightower
Talking Points Memo
The Rise of the 4th Reich
The Washington Dispatch
Leader of The Free World
We Were Humans
Election Essays
"I Give Up" I never really meant to win anyway!
A Good Concession Speech
Empire Rising: A Satirical History, Part V
IQ rankings (a very bad hoax!)
Education.jpg (possibly a hoax too)
Give Bush a Brain
Bush bulge (debates)
Bush bulge (debates)
Bush bulge (debates)
Bush bulge (debates)
Bulge Report (aircraft carrier)
Bush bulge (aircraft carrier)