Places my family emigrated from

You may have noticed that we are visiting many places connected to my family history on this trip. This is by no means the purpose, or a purpose, of the trip, but it makes for a nice distraction, gives us an idea of places to go, and we learn something to! Well in case it all sounded confusing, i made a chart of the various ancestors who emigrated, where from and whether we have visited the place. The number at the right is the number of generations removed from me the emigree was.
POLAND Poznan-Bydgoczsz area mom's mother's parents (both) research and visited region 3
(POLAND Selsin mom's mother's father's father visited 4)
POLAND Mordarka (southcentral) mom's father's mother research and almost visited 3
POLAND Tatarczysko (northeast) mom's father's father resarch and visited and met people! 3
IRELAND County Claire dad's mother's mother's mother 4
FRANCE Grasse dad's mother's mother's father visited and research 4
IRELAND County Claire dad's mother's father's mother 4
GERMANY somewhere in Bavaria dad's mother's father's father's mother visited region 5
GERMANY Darmstadt dad's mother's father's father's father visited and research 5
ITALY Poggioreale (Sicily) dad's father's father visited and met people 3
ITALY Catafami (Sicily) dad's father's mother visited region 3

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