Back in Germany again
5 February 2000

My thighs still are sore.

Saturday morning we woke up in Bayeux, France, in Normandy. We had planned things out very well, but then we found this really awsome local market and... well we had to RUN across town to catch our train. We RAN with our backpacks for about 11 minutes and caught the train by 30 seconds, which was good because the next train was in three hours!

We finished off the stupid Europass we had bought (didn't pay for itself) riding in First Class across France. We arrived in Köln (Colonge) at 18:58 and RAN to catch the southbound InterCity train at 19:00 to get to Bonn.

We arrived at Sonjas house by the railroad tracks in Bonn before 8pm. It was a weird night because we didn't hear any trains all night. Sunday morning we found out that the InterCity train that was supposed to leave Köln at 11pm crashed. If we had not caught that train in Bayeux, we would probably have been on that train.

We are in Bonn and are happy and healthy. Thanks for the concern. It is good to know that people still think of us back home despite how long we have been gone!

© Copyright Mark Canizaro 2000

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