1 November 1999

i never would have thought i'd be sending you all email from Romania, but here i am. in fact if you get this right as it is sent you can see mrk. and i in this computer room (my two braids and mrk. in a green and blue striped shirt) on the web at

anyway, i know i said i would write about Budapest next, but Romania is on my mind. in fact, we are in Transylvania. it has been a facinating place. it is a lot like latin america with the latin appearace of buildings (painted plaster buildings with clay tile roofs) and the bizarre mix of traditional and modern (western). in many ways Romania is much more of a developing country than what i experienced in Costa Rica. but like CR, the people are amazingly friendly and helpful. we had a wonderful 3 hour train ride in an 8 person compartment through mountains in Transylvania. no one in the compartment was talking much but watching people interract was fascinating. we were the dumb americans that sat in someone elses seat and she was too nice to let either of us move. oh well, it happens, and we learn...

so we haven't seen any vampires even though we arrived on the day of the dead (the day to honor ancestors.) we didn't see any werewolves when we went to a cemetary today either; there were lots of flowers on the graves because of the day of the dead. it was very cool.

well, i'm not sure what else to say right now as my brain is a little fried due to the cold i acquired last night. the air in the city we are in is so polluted it looks foggy all day. i think this is why i got sick.

anyway, i will continue soon!

© Copyright Cheryln Crowl 1999