Oster at Gut Ostler
22 April 2000

Hello everyone! I hope you are all enjoying spring and easter this year half as much as i am. I could only have been enoying it more if i had had people to dye eggs with. I suppose it is not too late to do it myself anway!

Well, life on the farm is continuing with all the same characters. I have had a few more wrestling matches with helmut, but the goslings are still doing quite well. i can now say i have seen a german shepard in germany, sheparding sheep. However, the sheep were in a 3m x 3m pen. As they saw schmitz run toward them they almost managed to leap the fence though.

The weather has been dry and sunny here. Most of us are hoping for rain: martin because the plants need the water, and mrk. and i because we are about to shrivel up and blow away. We were having stunning spring weather with wind and often changing sky and the most intense rainbows i have ever seen. I am sure it will return soon enough and most people will complain.

We participated in an easter tradition here last night: the osterfeuer. Martin made a huge fire out in the horse pastures and we all sat around into the night. They roasted wurst and rolls and we even tried roasting potatoes in the coals but only with partial success. Some family members of martin and his wife came and went with their children. It was like just about every other campfire i have experienced accept the language was different and it isn't summer yet! I guess a lot of parishes have these fires the night before easter and they spend the evening together as well. it is a nice community gathering.

mrk. and i woke up this morning and coincidentally made a big breakfast of homemade pancakes with various cooked and raw fruits and yoghurt. We went out to the patio and enjoyed the beautiful spring morning. I cannot think of a better way to celebrate spring than to be living on a small farm and really experiencing the season. I feel like we are really lucky to have this experience.

I will try to continue to catch you all up on our adventures as well as keep you updated. I apologize for my great delays in responding to emails often. I always love to receive the mail, i just don't always have the time to respond. So don't take it personally! =)

© Copyright Cheryln Crowl 2000