New Additions


3 March 2000
Added five new travel updates --
#22: Back in Dresden
#23: Prague pt 1 - Shooting
#24: Prague pt 2 - Tourists
#25: Cerceny & Lsteni
#26: Bratislava

2 March 2000
Completed Cheryln's Travelogue and added links.
Added credits to index page.

6 January 2000
Split Oradea and Cluj-Napoca into two separate pages and added pictures.
Added pictures to Vama.
Added travel update #21: Bärenstein.

5 January 2000
Added Hotel Europa photo to the Bonn and Cologne page.
Added Simon Halbord's Kite Aerial Photography link to the credits page.
Changed the former Introduction to Romania and Romania sections to Oradea and Cluj-Napoca and Vama.


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