My recipie.... Bananas -- ripe! 2 I find organic bananas make a much much better milkshake. The bananas MUST BE RIPE, and ripe means they have more brown than yellow. They work very well when they are almost all brown. Even if you like to eat under-ripe (green) bananas, they make a terrible milkshake. For some reason that i don't understand i've found that it's best if you peel the bananas and leave them unpeeled for 2-8 hours before making the milkshake, it really brings out the flavor. Ice Cream -- Bryers Natural Vanilla about 5 scoops It must be Bryers Natural Vanilla... nothing else works as well. (I know it's a tobacco company... i have mixed feelings about that.) I have found that Ben & Jerry's "World's Best Vanilla(tm)" makes a good milkshake, but not quite as good. Chocolate milkshakes don't taste right with chocolate ice cream -- even Bryers -- they are good, but not great. Ovaltine about 3 tablespoons I used to use Hershey's syurp, but the flavor is a bit more perfect with Ovaltine, and hey, it has all the vitamans... right? Milk to the top of the liter blender My preference is the creamline 5%mf organic milk with asodopolis (for the tummy). The creameier the better. Don't even try it with less than 3%mf milk (standard whole milk) -- it's yukky. I also put the following two things in at all times, and it makes a nice, creamy milkshake thats a bit better for you. The above recipie alone makes a wonderful milkshake, but i advise using the following two things as well. One note though, i have found that either of the following two things ALONE don't work well, you should use both, or neither. Yoghert about a quarter cup i prefer Brown Cow Whole Milk/Cream on the top Plain flavor with asodopholis. Protein Powder about a teaspoon Run it in the blender for a little less than 1 minute... then let it settle for a little more than 1 minute and run it again for about 5 seconds... this takes care of all the lumps. Sometimes i try to make a half a shake in a blender (because i have only one banana...) I find that it doesn't work very well... so fill the blender up! I had one of the best milkshakes i ever had at the Wisconsin Union. Herrell's Banana Ice Cream w/chocolate syurp.... In the summer of 1985 i was living about 4 blocks from Herrell's original store in Northampton, Massachusetes, so i was in there EVERY DAY... i got to know the staff and had quite a crush on one of the scoopers. As i had gotten a bit older i had started to diviate from my originally invarible standard order: a large dish of chocolate pudding ice cream with chocolate chips. It was getting too rich for me. I usually got the chocolate, but i found the banana to be amazingly good, and often got that. One afternoon i was in a good mood and flirting a bit with the scooper, i wanted to try something a bit new. I had always liked milkshakes and i i knew Herrell's made a fantastic ones so i decided to get a milkshake. It seemed obvious that i should get chocolate, but that was the only kind i had ever had at Herrell's so we, the scooper and i, decided to go for banana. She went off to make it and suddenly looked up and said, "What kind of syurp?" I said, uncertainly, "Chocolate, of course." We both wrinkled our noses a bit wondering how it would be... but it was AMAZING. I loved it and so did the scooper, who tried a bit. For the rest of that summer i got the same thing every single day. Sometimes the scoopers would see me walking up the sidewalk and would start it before i even arrived. Each time a different scooper would take my order, they would say, "Are you SURE?"... and then they would try it and be converted. By the end of the summer everyone in the store was having the banana milkshake w/chocolate syurp on their breaks. A year or so later i moved away from New England (sob) and away from my banana/chocolate milkshakes. But every time i would visit, the very first thing i would do is get one... often i would arrive at Herrell's as my first stop after 20 hours of driving! In 1990 i went to Boston, and of course, went straight to Herrell's on Dunster St. in Harvard Square. And of course i told the scooper i had come over 1200 miles for a banana milkshake w/chocolate syurp. She looked up and said, "Oh, that's what we all drink here on our breaks!" I can't decide if it's best to buy the Tobacco company's ice cream or not. If we buy it, we are supporting their most dispicial death capitolism, but on the other hand, if we buy ICE CREAM from them, and not ciggerates, perhaps it will send them the message that they would do better to be in a different business. In any case, They have set this moral delemia up puroposaly, to create a situation where it is nearly impossible to avoid their business for pollitical purposes.