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On Mar 31 i walked an alpaca.

This was suggested by a friend.
On a quiet easter sunday during lockdown i walked an Easter bunny
Total walked - pandemic
Mar 23 through Jan 14

After a few random exploratory walks and a few GPS drawing walks i noticed that i had covered a lot of the area and started trying to walk unwalked areas. Most of these streets i had walked or biked in the decades of living here but i enjoyed discovering new places.

as of Jan 14, 2021

Initially i set a goal of central Capitol Hill but when i quickly filled that in i extended my goal to the largest definition: all 7 neighborhoods of the Hill. I also drew a one mile radius circle and decided to include that as well. (The thinner red lines are outside of those two boundries but i'm still planning on filling them in).

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Homer Simpson eating a donut
a ghost coming out of a water pipe
a koala!
(by request)

a baby seal
a computer punchcard
an outboard motor or a truck transmission ?
this seems like it's something