Mark's databases
I envison, design, build and maintain data structures in FileMakerPro. Here are some of the larger databases i've built. For obvious reasons it's not possible to make system access availible widley so i have some brief descriptions and a few screenshots of the active systems.

A bicycle touring organization needed to combine paper and primitive computer records to track tours, clients, partners, interest, mailings, publications and more. I created a 9 table relational database with extensive scripting to manage present and future as well as 30 years of historical data. (2015 - present)

screenshots: home screen, Client list, Client view, Tour view, Tour report, Nation view, relationship graph

A 25-table, heavily scripted, relational database which tracks the Rosters, Player transactions, Season, Club and Match statistics for a national professional soccer league. (2014 - present)

screenshots: home screen , Player view, Club view, Match view, Match summaries, relationship graph sample

A committe that and deploys volunteer HAM radio operators to support public events and emergency preperation needed a way to contact, track and assign volunteers. I led a team that built a heavily scripted multi-table relational database that tracks volunteers, events, assignments and paperwork, it allows web registration and email distribution of documents. (2014 - present)

screenshots: home screen, Events list, Episode view, Assignment form view
For privacy reasons no Registration or Person views are availible.

An art collector moving from a family home to a small condo needed to manage the distribution of the collection. I built and managed a small flat file, photo centered, on demand, web based, ipad inventory system which grew to include all contents of the house. (2014 - 2017)

screenshots: home screen , Item photo, Item details , full Item view, list view , Action buttons

An inner city youth leadership/bicycle advcocay agency neeeded to combine records kept on paper and in the founders' heads. I created a large multi-table relational database with scripting which tracks the interwoven progress of bicycles, youth and adult volunteers through series of classes and events at the organization. (2013 - present)

screenshots: home screen , Adult view , Youth view , Youth visits

A coffee delievery start-up was upgrading versions of FMP. I was a subordinate member of the small team that rebuilt the entire driver interface inventory database system. This included live iPad logins, internet presence and large document managment. (2014 - 2016)

For confidentiality and security reasons no views are availible.

A major international film festival had a 20 year old 40 file FMP database system that was failing. I rebuilt the internal structure, created scripts and subsystems for new procedures, taught users the system and continue to maintain portions. (2013 - present)

For confidentiality reasons no views are availible.

A nested table relational database heavy on real time numerical calcuations. Built for personal use. (2007 - present)

screenshots: home screen, train list, train view

A flat file, scripted database for tracking ultramarathon rest stop check ins and check outs. (2007 - present)

screenshots: home screen, check in times, check in grid

An innovative multi-table relational database built for personal use. This database uses conditionals and scripting to repurpose tables based on situations. Preveious versions in other systems go back to 1984. (2005 - present)

screenshots: opening splash, settings view, Border Crossings list, Crossing view, Nations list, Nation view, Territories list, Continents list, relationship graph

A state-wide Bicycle Transportaion Advocacy organization acquired a membership/ donorship managment template that needed management and expansion. With extensive volunteer help i customized, refined and managed the system and added an Auction module. (2001 - 2009)

For confidentiality and security reasons no views are availible.

fiets mijlen
A multi-table calculation heavy relational database. Built for personal use. Utlizes an innovative system of relationships to create columnar calender calculations. Previous versions in other systems go back to 1985. (2009 - present)

screenshots: home screen, miles by year & month highlighted by era, miles by month & day, relationship graph calednar section