3-Speed Holdsworth Special

I spent a rainy day putting this bike together from a mongrel mix of parts I had laying around. For a while I'd been thinking I'd like to build up a road bike with a three-speed hub and this is what I came up with.

The frame is a Holdsworth Special made with butted Reynolds 531 tubing. The rear hub is a 1963 Sturmey-Archer AW with a 20 tooth cog. The shift lever also is a 1963 Sturmey-Archer. To make the chainline work and get the gearing I wanted, I swapped the inner and outer rings on an old Stronglight crankset (I didn't have any short chainring bolts handy). The gear inches work out to 52.7, 70.2 and 93.6 so the middle gear is almost identical to what I'm used to from my fixed gear bikes.

The fenders are made from recycled coroplast and the handlebars are profile stoker bars. The brake levers are Suntour non-aero levers with the cables routed backwards. The pedals are SR SP-11s with Power Grips.

The lights are twin Cateye Micro Halogens (to meet PBPs incandescent light requirements) and the headlight on top of the bars is a Cateye EL-200 LED light. I use the LED light almost exclusively. The two lower rear lights are Cateyes, the one on the seatbag is a Vistalite. The rear seatbag is made by Jandd. The saddle is a WTB.

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Kent Peterson

Issaquah, WA USA

February 4, 2003


Left Side
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Right Side
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Rear Side View
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Front Lights
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Top View
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Brake Lever
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